Sunday, May 17, 2009


不管我们是在这儿生的或移民过来的, 我门都应该了解新西兰的历史. 我们应该了解毛利人的历史和他们的文化, 因为我们是在他们的土地, 他们的被英国人偷的土地. 英国的殖民主义在这个国家跟八国连军在中国有相同的地方, 也有不一样的. 反正当地人的经验差不多, 殖民国家都用了暴力去达到他们的目的:抢地和资源. 杀人,杀戮,强奸, 他们都做了. 因为这个历史现在毛利人还是被西方的文化,政府和经济压迫他们的文化和自治. 中国的移民者要是懂这个历史, 我们才能在这个国家反对种族主义.来到这儿, 我想我们都受过种族主义者的欺负.要是我们不喜欢被别人欺负,我们不能跟羊人的文化学然后欺负本地人. 我们应该支持毛利人的奋斗去达到民族自决.

Roughly translated:

Why Chinese in Aotearoa Should Support the Maori Struggle

Whether we were born here or have immigrated here, we should understand the history of Aotearoa. We should understand the history of Maori people(s) and their culture because we are living on their land, their land which was stolen by British colonisers. British colonialism in this country and the imperialist occupation of Eight-Nation Alliance in China have similarities and differences. But the experience of the indigenous people are pretty similar in terms of the violence of colonisation to reach their goal of expropriating land and resources. Murder, massacres and rape - it's all part of it. Because of this history, Maori people are still being oppressed by the Pakeha culture, state and economy. Chinese in Aotearoa should understand this history in order to combat racism. Living in Aotearoa or after arriving here, I'm sure we've all experienced some racist bullying. If we don't want to be bullied, we shouldn't be like the dominant Pakeha culture and bully the indigenous people. We should support the Maori struggle for self-determination - tino rangatiratanga.


  1. did you compose that! that is mean. the western cultural hegemony which attempts to displace tangata whenua from their land, to take kaupapa and tikanga and replace it with pakeha ways and values -- is the same struggle as those experienced by people of colour everywhere, black, brown, yellow or red (and of every other oppressed peoples everywhere). we must unite all the struggles of oppressed people everywhere against this colonisation of land/culture/ethnic identity and be part of the struggle wherever we go- whether in aotearoa, or anywhere else in the world.

  2. New Zealand also has a shameful history of racist marginalisation of Chinese people. Until 1940 Chinese had to pay a poll tax. Chinese also regularly suffered racist attacks. In Australia it was even worse!

    Good to see some radical literature from Aotearoa appearing in languages other than English. It has always been my dream to have radical literature produced about Aotearoa in many languages but I have never been able to positively contribute to this myself because of my monolingualness.

    Awesome work comrades.


  3. Yeah I wrote that myself, I hope it's readable and clear. Some words I had to use a dictionary for...