Friday, July 31, 2009

WEIRD 09: Radical Feminists of Colour Hui

radical feminists of colour hui*

racism within activist and feminist spaces
working with white privileged feminists and activists
decolonisation in Aotearoa

WEIRD 09 womyn engaging in radical decolonisations

sat 5 sept – sun 6 sept
home of compassion
island bay
te whanganui a tara / wgtn

$20 waged/ $10 unwaged, or whatever you can afford

*hui for any self-identified wom*n of colour. female bodied and intersex people of colour also welcome

This hui seeks to open space for coloured women working in various spheres of social justice and peace work, to examine the working connections between racism, sexism, colonisation and class oppression.

This space is for activist women of colour to get together and discuss experiences of our social justice workings, solidarity and living on colonised land. To share and find holistic, multi-pronged ways to address the various forms of powers that can affect us.

The hui will be grounded around those three main themes. However, other dynamics such as race and desire, tokenism, invisibility, ancestral language loss, and anything else that wants to be discussed, will be placed in the agenda, which will be decided in the first bit of the hui.

Email us any further questions, rego by 15 August

(oh and please register even if you're not paying, so we know how much food to cook)

Weird 09 organisers: Meng Zhu Fu and hannah Ho wai ling

WEIRD 09 rego form

travel assistance wanted?:
(we have some money avail for gas, plane, train or bus)
food requirements?:
(morning tea, lunch and arvo tea provided)
childcare costs assistance wanted?:
(we have some money avail to pay childminders)
waged, unwaged, none/or whatever you can afford?:
Any topics you would really like discussed?

there is wheelchair access. there are many car parks. the number 1 bus heading towards island bay also runs regularly.

email rego to :
or post to:

14 cornford st
te whanganui a tara

hui cost details:

Account name: H W L Ho conference
Bank account number: 02 1242 0549383 032

or post chq to above address

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