Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ecological Crisis and Climate Chaos in Asia and why we need to fight the dairy industry here

You can't ignore this when it is so in your face.

Dust storms in Beijing and the worst one in ever in Taiwan

Animal dying in Mongolia due to extreme winter freeze

Worst drought in southwest china in 60 years

Don't tell me this has nothing to do with climate change and capitalist industrial destruction of the planet. None of these disasters are "natural" or part of some prehistoric cycle of the earth. The Industrial Revolution began in Europe and colonised the world to provide labour and raw material for the capitalist scumbags who mined, destroyed ancient forests, set up polluting factories and enslaved or killed 'the natives'. That's what started this mess we are all in and the people worst affected are the least responsible.

The dairy and meat industries in New Zealand are the biggest contributors to climate chaos here and David Carter is off to China on an agri-tech mission further expanding and developing the dairy industries in China and Inner Mongolia, sell their white poison and further exploit the land and cows.

And what I think is really funny is all the 'hoo-ha' about a Chinese dairy company wanting to buy dairy farms here, when Fonterra have been buying up dairy companies in China and in other parts of the world for a while now - didn't hear the same kind of outrage about that, particularly from the left. What did people expect with Free Trade Agreements? It's fine to open up other countries' economies for NZ companies to exploit but not when it's the other way round? Interesting neo-colonial dynamics and nationalist attitudes here.

The World Dairy Summit is happening here in November this year. Start organising! And get involved!

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