Thursday, April 28, 2011

Courage Unfolds

On April 19, IGLHRC launched the Courage Unfolds Campaign, which features a 4 minute trailer on YouTube as well as an invitation to take several actions – the hope is that the campaign and trailer will go viral to build momentum for the release of the full 33-minute video. IGLHRC is releasing it on May 17 -- web release on Vimeo, screenings in multiple countries starting in May, DVDs shipped next week.
Please do check out the Courage Unfolds website and the trailer. Share the trailer with your Facebook and Twitter networks.

There's to be an Auckland screening of the film on Tuesday, May 17 at the HRC - Level 4, Tower Centre, 45 Queen Street, Auckland. Email or call the Auckland HRC office on 09 309 0874 for more info.


  1. This is cool, Giang, What was the discussion like after the screening? And who was in the audience -- API activists, artists, academics, etc?

  2. Hi, Awesome. How did the screening go? There was a fabulous Queer the Night march here in Wellington, on Thursday (see link bellow. 3 news where there, but typically went on about the march holding up transport and didn't show any of the wonderful speeches held in Cuba mall. The news coverage wasn't all that bad though and they did talk with Kassie, who organised the march, she was/ is great. It was so uplifting and heartwarming to see over 500 queers take to the street chanting loud and clear , "we're here, we're queer, we're fabulous don't fuck with us!"

    I wonder if any of you are at Camp Betty, I can't wait to read about it!